Airtest Guru – Safely Remove the Mold From Your Home and Prevent its Return

Mold testing los angeles: Mold affects human health and the structural integrity of a home. If you find mold growing anywhere in your home, you should take immediate action either by removing or killing the mold. By carefully cleaning the affected area, you can also help prevent the mold from returning. The extent and the type of mold will decide whether you can handle the mold cleanup yourself or need the assistance of a mold removal professional. Getting help from a professional mold remediation service is important in mold remediation process.

You can control the mold growth by controlling the moisture, including relative humidity, Keep below-grade spaces consistently heated to at least 60 degrees in the cooler months and dehumidified to below 50% relative humidity in the warmer months. Repair leaks once they have discovered,  never over-water plants and avoid over-humidifying your home, and you can prevent the return of mold and never have to worry about killing mold or mold cleanup.

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