Los Angeles Water Damage – Tips to Tidy a Wet Basement Carpet

Mold test Los Angeles: Whether your water heater sprung a leak, rain poured in through a hole in your roof, or some other flooding calamity happened, wet carpet must be dealt as early as possible. Allowing wet carpet to remain soaked leads to numerous issues including, organic decay, fiber deterioration, delaminating, heavy soiling, mold, and a nasty smell that may never go away. If you have a soggy, smelly, stained carpet, you have got a big problem on your hands. If you are facing the problem of wet carpet first thing you have to do is, take it to the porch or garage, meaning, shift it out of the wet area to a dryer place where further damage cannot be caused.

Try and remove the wet spongy pad which is underneath the carpet. This is what holds water and gives rise to stink. This is to minimize odor and mildew in the house. Another important point to keep in mind is to consider seeking professional help.  Get your flooded carpet cleaned professionally if possible and available. Consult a professional carpet cleaning services, describing your wet carpet damage. They are the people who are better equipped and qualified to advise you if your carpet is worth saving.

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