Mold Air Test LA – Dehumidifying the Wet Basement

Los Angeles Water Damage: Humidity in a basement can be very baffling issue for a homeowner and it can even pose a risk to a family’s health. Humidity and moisture in the dark, cool basement of a home creates a Ideal atmosphere for the growth of mold and mildew; mold in particular can endanger one’s health. Elevated humidity levels in the basement can also create an unpleasant environment which is highly damp and musty. Place a dehumidifier in a center area of the basement. A dehumidifier will get rid of the moisture from the air. It collects the water in a reservoir which should be emptied on a regular basis. If the basement is large, with multiple rooms, a dehumidifier will be required for each room.

Inspect the dehumidifiers in the basement on a regular basis and empty the water collection canisters as needed. Very damp and humid basements will necessitates constant use of dehumidifiers.

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  1. Flooded Basement says:

    Nearly every homeowner will experience some form of water damage, and if you have a basement, it’s pretty much a guarantee. In fact, studies have concluded that 98% of all basements will suffer from some form of water damage at some point in their existence. A flooded basement may be caused by any number of issues, cracks in the foundation, inadequate drainage, broken seals around windows, burst pipes, but whatever the case flooded basement cleanup is somewhat of an exact science.

  2. Early says:

    A mliilon thanks for posting this information.

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