Nature and Types of Mold: Quick Information

What is a mold? A mold is a microscopic fungus which thrives only on moist and damp area to grow. They give out musty odor and cause multiple health issues. There are different kinds of colored mold – Black mold, white mold, brown mold and much more. There is always a misconception that all black molds are deadly and dangerous, however, that is so untrue. Not all black molds are product Mycotoxin, but still these molds could cause health issues to almost everyone residing in the house. Amongst thousands of mold species, there are three most common molds in this world.

Allergic Mold: These molds cause allergic symptoms on anyone, especially those who are allergy prone. Some of the symptom includes common cold, sore throat, watery eyes, running nose, etc.

Toxic Mold: This is considered more dangerous than any other type of molds. It can cause serious health issue including severe upper respiratory infections and encephalitis. This mold infection can even be fatal if it is not cured at the early stage.

Black Mold: This is known as either toxic or allergic mold. These black molds are mostly unpredictable and cause a great deal of health damage. They are ones which mostly damage the home structure, furniture, drywall, etc.

All of these molds grow a rapid speed and it could possibly cause the biggest infestation at home or office. If this mold issues are not taken care at the early stage, it can turn your beautiful house into a breeding ground. Even if there is a small doubt about mold infestation at your property, it is wise to examine the entire place and then call out for professional’s assistance. It is not advisable to clear the mold dirt by all yourself. Early precaution could save you a lot of money on home rebuilding and prevent mold from taking over your home.

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