Seven Ways to Detect the Dangerous Mold

Mold air test LA: Mold is an essential component to our ecosystem which provides decomposition of many organic substances necessary to plant, animal and human life. Mold multiplies by farming spores which circulate in the air. When the spore reaches the moist surface it clings to it and mold develops. In an indoor environment, airborne mold spores can cause health problems to the occupants. Air quality is  an important factor to healthy living, and often when houses are sealed for temperature control, the lack of ventilation can cause a build up of humidity and serious air quality problems, especially if mold is present.

Through open doorways, windows, heating systems, ventilation and air conditioning units, mold spores  will enter the household. They attach themselves to your clothing and can even be brought in by pets. When they find the Right conditions they grow and contaminate the air in your home. Mold can also hide in places such as behind walls, under carpeting, under cabinets, in air ducts and any other area. Stachybotrys is a kind of toxic mold which typically grows in damp environments, especially on materials which are high in cellulose and low in nitrogen content. Examples of such material are, wallpaper, cardboard, ceiling tile, cellulose insulation, wood. Whether or not you are aware of a mold problem in your home or building, air testing can be performed as a precautionary measure. Leave the Investigating to the professional Mold remediation services.

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