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  • We are a mold inspection & testing company ONLY its all we do!
  • Your health and safety are our first priority, since we do not profit from finding mold in your home or business, as opposed to a remediation company.
  • We are certified, professional and honest inspectors who are proficient with all mold & bacteria types.
  • Samples are analyzed by a certified and independent lab.
  • 24-hour turn-around on all inspection reports and samples.
  • Thorough and complete consultation and analysis, including mold type and toxicity level, health hazards, permanent solutions and prevention methods.
  • Fast and immediate response. We are never more than 90 minutes away.

mold house Our inspections are designed to identify conditions conducive to mold growth, as well as any visible signs of fungal growth, odors, spotting and water damage. We check the exterior as well as the interior.

We inspect all walls, under all sinks, behind toilets, around water heaters - basically all water sources. We are looking for any elevated moisture levels which may contribute to a mold problem. By doing so, we use an invasive moisture meter which measures the moisture content of the walls.

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Mold Inspection Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Mold Inspection?
A: A mold inspection is a visual inspection of a property (inside and out) for mold and conditions that cause mold. A mold inspection includes moisture readings of construction materials, including exterior walls, interior walls, floors, cabinets, shower enclosures and concrete slabs. Air Test Guru uses state-of-the-art, industry-specific electronic equipment to detect excessive moisture in construction materials, which is the primary cause of indoor mold problems.

Q: What is the purpose of Mold Inspection?
A: The purpose of a mold inspection is to locate mold infestations, determine the cause and provide useful information to help facilitate an effective remediation (removal) plan.

Q: What can Air Test Guru do to reveal hidden mold conditions?
A: Sometimes mold is obvious and other times it's not. The absence of visible mold is not necessarily confirmation that there is no a mold problem. A mold inspection can assist in identifying hidden mold problems that may go unnoticed by an untrained eye.

Q: How can Air Test Guru can catch small mold problems before they become big mold problems?
A: There are usually many warning signs of a mold problem in the making. If you know about them soon enough, you can often prevent a minor problem from becoming a major problem.

Q: How Air Test Guru can assist in finding out what caused your mold problem?
A: Equally as important as identifying mold problems is discovering how they started. Unless you correct the cause, the mold will come back within six months to a year.

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