Published December 4, 2008

The world around us is going through an unprecedented movement to curb emissions of Carbon Dioxide, reduce energy use, and leave a less significant Carbon footprint.

With the convergence of Climate Change Initiatives and rising Energy Costs, the demand for Energy Efficient Technologies is rapidly growing.Airtest Technologies focuses on this need with their Demand Control Ventilation System (DCV) and other sensor solutions that allow for more efficient building operation which translates into reduced energy use. Simply put, over 90% of all commercial building HVAC systems over-ventilate, wasting money and heavily impacting the environment. Buildings alone consume 35% of the electrical energy used in the United Sates.

How much money is lost with an HVAC unit ventilating a full store, when in reality the store is only half full? Theaters, schools, universities, office buildings, and resorts all have varying occupancy which could take advantage of the savings that DCV can provide. With DCV, ventilation can be controlled based on actual occupancy, eliminating tremendous energy waste.

The aim of Airtest Technologies is to give intelligence to the HVAC units in buildings. After placing its CO2 sensors in an occupied space, the system can determine actual occupancy of a building and thereby control the HVAC unit to ventilate based on the actual number of people in the space. NYSERDA, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, has thoroughly reviewed DCV and has estimated savings ranging from 30% to 80%.

Airtest has one of 4 NYSERDA approved CO2 sensors, but the only one that never needs calibration.

Why Now? A Paradigm Shift After four years of focusing on the DCV marketplace, gradually growing sales and a tremendous distribution network, Airtest is set to embark on an exciting new frontier.Airtest is nearing completion of a proprietary wireless version of their leading CO2 and CO sensors. These proprietary wireless sensors will eliminate 80% of the installation cost and reduce overall cost to the customer by 50%.

Given the non-invasive nature of wireless technology (no conduit to run), application to the retrofit (existing building) market will be tremendous.When available, these wireless sensors will allow Airtest networks to rapidly expand the retrofit market. It will also facilitate sales of a wide range of additional Airtest products and services targeted for commercial buildings.


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